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So the other day I posted a presentation analyzing various iterations of my interfaces through the lens of information design theory…and lo and behold I went to check on it today and it had somehow made it to the front page of as a featured post and has already racked up 1,137 views!

I have NO idea how one even gets featured on their front page or why the Slideshare community has such a keen interest in information design and/or sports data, but it was nonetheless a super fun surprise. (Screen shot of its place on the homepage below to prove it!) ;o)

Featured on the Slideshare Front Page!

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New coach to talk to + team to test with!!!

Just confirmed with New School server master extraordinaire Scot Weir that we’ll be meeting in the coming week to discuss my project, prototypes, system and more! Scot is in the awesome position of having been a newbie parent who knew nothing about lacrosse mere years ago, who has since risen up the ranks of helping at practice to becoming head coach of his daughter’s lacrosse team this season. (In fact, he just received his Level II Certification, which takes all sorts of work and testing…quite the metamorphosis!)

The plan is to have him test what I’ve got working so far, ask for his feedback on the functionality I’m still finessing, and then visit his team to talk to the girls about what they would love to see in a visualization, what their PARENTS would love to see in a visualization, and to have some combination of Scot and the parent scorekeeping volunteers test the full system at full fidelity. SUPER exciting!

Updates soon!

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