Just a quick thought on this week’s surprising turn of events. I thought it was very interesting (albeit incredibly awkward) how Clive handled this last lecture, making it much more meaningful than if he had just fizzled off into the sunset with another of his normal lectures. The idea of bringing up Nathan’s paper before the whole class and addressing each of the points with critical eye was fairly courageous and added to the respect that I have for Clive as an educator. Furthermore, by addressing each of the alleged shortcomings of the class, Clive showed us that design is an ever-evolving process, emphasizing the idea of this first semester of Design for this Century as simply a first of many iterations.

In way we were just the users in a semester-long user test—and by not being overly emotionally tied to the way things fell into place Clive showed us how to put aside one’s pride and address the feedback you get from the user testing, incorporating it into further iterations. Well done, Clive.

Category : Design for this Century / Fall 2010