The visualMUSE control panel is a data management companion tool to the visualMUSE inspiration board—a 40″x30″ board with embedded internet-ready screens that combines the tactile experience of pinning up clippings and swatches as an inspirational tool with the wealth of visual resources now available the internet.

The online control panel interface supports and enhances this process by equipping the designer with the digital resources to keep a record of the images that they view (and which images they find immediately inspiring).

visualMUSE Control Panel

The embedded screens on the board rotate through images that have been retrieved based on the user-determined keywords, and all the user has to do is press a button underneath the screen if they especially like an image, or alternatively if they want to discard an image. All of this information is recorded on a database so that the user can review his or her selections at the end of the day (or even months later if desired).

The way the system is organized, the user can create a series of different “Projects” that each have four categories (to correlate with the four quadrants of the physical board). Each category can be created dynamically from the prototype site by adding the titles and desired keywords that the user wants visualMUSE to use when pulling images from the Flickr API. These projects are then stored in a MySQL database, where they continue to update their stores of new imagery that matches the determined keywords.

visualMUSE Control Panel

After the user has passed the day giving feedback to the visualMUSE inspiration board, they can come to their computer and have a comprehensive view of their impulse reactions throughout the day, and a log of all the images they’ve seen to that point. Images that have been marked as “favorites” will be marked as such, and the user would be able to change an image’s status (i.e. favorite vs. normal status vs. discarded) from the interface itself.

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Category : Databases / Fall 2010 / Final Project: visualMUSE / Major Studio: Interface