New York Times Newswire API Story Sorter: “Sort Me, Save Me, Toss Me”

“Sort Me, Save Me, Toss Me” pulls the 80 most recent articles from the New York Times Newswire API, and displays them by category for you to view and sort. The number of attraction points that are sorting the articles is dynamically controlled by the number of articles represented in the top 80 articles, increasing or decreasing with the given distribution of topics. The user can hover over each article to see the title and category, or click while hovering to read the abstract—if they are intrigued, they can drag the article over to the save bin on the left side to examine more closely later, or can chuck it over to the right to simply get rid of it. In this way the user can manually sort through the stories in a way that has more cognitive familiarity to them, then finish reading the stories later once this rapid sorting process is complete.

Date: December 20, 2011